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Terminal installation

Universal method - Quick and easy!

Open a terminal and paste the command that will install Ryztart:
wget -c https://download.ryzom.com/ryztart_installer_64.tgz -O - | tar xz && sh ryztart_installer/package.bin
📋 Copy command to clipboard
Launch Ryztart and start the adventure!

Manual installation or from a file manager

Method does not work with all Linux systems. May require authorization to run script.

In 3 steps:
1) Double-click on the freshly downloaded ryztart_installer_64.tgz file.
2) Extract the contents into the folder of your choice.
3) In the ryztart_installer folder, double-click on the install_ryztart file.
Launch Ryztart and start the adventure!
Illustration above: example using a file manager